One on one training is for everyone and we believe that our knowledge and expertise will give you the ultimate session.  We offer intelligent training that only a professional can deliver.

Our sessions are the superior, combining weight training with HITT and intense core workouts will give you real results. Gain lean muscle, lose body fat, improve cardiovascular fitness.

With two options available we can cater for your goals.

  • 30 min High Intensity Blitz.
    Want to sweat? These 30 minute fast paced sessions build power and cardiovascular fitness.  Ideal for anyone wanting to work hard and beef up their weekly fitness.
    Alternatively, 30 minutes spent on snatch or clean and jerk can be arranged.
  • 60 min One on One Full session.
    Let us guide you to your goals, build quality muscle, burn fat, learn to love exercise and gain confidence.  Ideal for any level of fitness, your sessions will be tailored to get the most out of you.

Times are limited, book now and start immediately.