• Do you CrossFit but struggle with the finer technical details of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk?
  • Do you love CrossFit, but want a new challenge?
  • Do you find you like the lifting side of CrossFit, (a lot) more than all the cardio?
  • Need help building underlying strength and eliminating weaknesses?
  • Do you want to compete in Olympic Weightlifting?

If you answered yes to any of the above we have some options for you:

  • Make sure to attend our Weightlifting Wednesdays CrossFit classes.  Each week Coach Cam will teach the class one of the main lifts and oversee your progression.  Our CrossFitters are able to compete at local competitions by regular attendance to these classes.


  • Book a Private Olympic Weightlifting pack and spend quality one on one time with a national level weightlifting coach.
    This has amazing transfer to any aspiring CrossFitter or someone wanting to learn how to lift correctly as more time spent with a coaches’ eye will improve your progression ten fold.
    * Want to save money? Get a group together and split the cost. 4 people max to a session.

Private Weightlifting Session

Spend an hour with our high level coaches and improve your technique, find your weaknesses and progress faster towards your goals. Perfect for CrossFitters preparing for competitions and casual gym goers. * Get a group together and split the cost (max. 4).


For more information speak to a coach.