Personal Training

For 15 + years I have been working in the fitness industry, in this time I have helped thousands of people achieve their fitness and life goals.

Now I have streamlined my weightlifting/crossfit strength hours and in doing so have time to take on a couple of personal training clients.

Two types of sessions available:

  • 30 minute blitz session, high intensity, fat burning fun.
  • One hour complete strength and conditioning session.

Very limited spaces available but can fit you in before work, over lunch break or after work.

If you are after quality, professional training don’t hesitate. Message to book a spot.

Masters Weightlifting comp squad

Masters Weightlifting is the Olympic sport of weightlifting for persons 35 years old or older. Weightlifting is the ultimate sport of strength and power and should not be confused with powerlifting, bodybuilding, or general weight training. Weightlifting consists of two events; the snatch and the clean-and-jerk.  Health benefits from regular training in the sport are: increased flexibility, grow lean muscle and build strength while trimming down and losing fat.

Our Southside club has a strong masters presence but with such a solid 2017 competition season with local competitions, state championships, nationals and oceanic championships. We are assembling a masters competition squad to organise and better develop the best athletes possible.

Ten competitive spots will be available and designed for the preparation of competitive weightlifting.  Anyone can apply, no experience is needed, we are after coach-able, hard working team players that strive to greatness.  If you enjoy to squat, you will love this.

– Part time or full time training options available.

– 1.5hr training sessions with in-depth coaching by level 3 national intern level coach.

– Daily sessions available to suit your schedule, check our website for times.

– Commitment till October 2017 with in state travel.

– Those in the program will have their QWA registration and competition entry fees covered by the club.
Travel fees and uniforms will be helped to be paid for.


*** If you lack a fitness goal for 2017, how does representing your state and trying to break a national record or two.  Book in for a complimentary trial session today. ***


Junior Weightlifting update

With the school year beginning and everyone returning to training we will be implementing a system to ensure the best training is able to given.

Starting this week each weekday will be split into two afternoon sessions; 3.30pm and 4.30pm for junior lifters.  Each time slot will have a maximum of 4 spots available in each session.

Booking can be via either a facebook message/sms/email/phone call and please make sure to cancel/reschedule early enough so the spot can be offered to another student.

This adjustment to the program is so resources and coaching is best utilized and the club isn’t overwhelmed.  Our weightlifting club is based around coaching so we want to give all members optimal contact time.


Not a member yet but sounds interesting?

Please take a moment to check out the website information if this sounds interesting for your family.  Intro to weightlifting is an 8 session package that teaches them body awareness, strengthens muscles, teaches balance, flexability and mental toughness.  It is ideal for growing bodies and our coaches are both state and national level qualiftied so you are under the best possible care.  For more information, feel free to contact us and let’s get started ASAP.

Free 2 week trial

Weightlifting is confusing to many and joining a new sport can be daunting, so for the remainder of 2016 we are offering anyone interested in giving the sport a two week trial. This trial has no obligations, no expectations, we just want you to listen and learn and if this sport grabs your interest we can start you on a beginner program.

  • weightlifting is for all ages, we take grade 7 students through to old age.
  • health benefits include building strength, flexibility, power, co-ordination
  • cross over in performance to many other sports
  • performance bases with opportunities to test yourself and grow
  • work closely with a national level coach with over 12 years experience

Available time slot for free trial is weekdays 3.30pm to 7.30pm with booking prior to beginning.

So grab a willing friend and book a session after work and come learn how to squat, deadlift, clean and jerk, snatch and much more.

2016 National Championships

With the national championship weekend done and dusted now is the time to recharge the batteries and bring the vast knowledge gained back to the club.

This year I was given the chance to step into a QLD coaching role and am so grateful for the opportunity to join the 6 other coaching staff to work with the 70 state athletes.  Stressful and exhausting is an understatement and the three days were so full on I will need a week to recover fully but events like this once again drive home why I am in this sport in this role and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

My athlete Joey Collins achieved his national qualification at this year’s state championship as intended so we were building for this weekend all year.  With eyes set in January we plotted out the next 9 months and methodically built our strength and honed our skills all for Sunday morning and like intended we hit that platform ready and with confidence.
We came out with personal bests in both snatch and clean and jerk and a pb total too.  Joey lifted 108/112/115kg in the snatch then followed it up with 140/145/149kg in the clean and jerk giving him a 264kg total. Words cannot describe how proud I am of him and the time he spends in the gym and at home dedicated to self-improvement.  As the dust settles we will sit down and goal set for the future and hit our 2017 goals full force.

Thank you to Miles, Angela, Greg and Coral for the mentoring and thank you to Kathy and Greg Olive for the support as we stressed our way through the amazing but long three days of competition.  Thank you to team manager Sonia for keeping everything running smoothly and Ian Moir for the successfully run championship.

Finally a thank you to the club members and families that came down to support Joey and help officiate the sessions.  Jemma and Laura both did time keeping while Kailea, Tom and Jemma help load for multiple sessions.

This is only the beginning and I look forward to what the future holds for me, my club and my state.

  • Cam

Youth state champs

I just wanted to congratulate Zac and Hope for their efforts at the QLD youth championships at Toowoomba.  They both represented the club well and I am proud to call myself their coach.

Hope Ward did great in the 69kg category finishing on a competition personal best 36kg snatch and 47kg clean and jerk, narrowly missing 51kg taking bronze with a pb total of 83kg. She was also awarded the William Faulker Performance Trophy for her large improvements in her competition results.

Zac Schroeder also took bronze in the 85kg category with stellar performance with personal bests of 60kg snatch, 80kg clean and jerk to achieve 140kg total, 5kg shy of national requirements. He also took the William Faulker Performance Trophy for his session too due to his improvements in competition.  These results were outstanding and we hope to do one better next weekend and achieve the E grade total for 77kg category.

I’m so proud of both their maturity and preparations leading into the event, the medals and trophies are a bonus. Weightlifting is a sport where coaches and athletes work very closely together and share the highs and lows, they worked hard for this.

We are always taking on new members and have a great crew that support each other and make training a blast.  We want anyone from high school deep into masters, if you want to join a club that will push you and find your potential then please feel free to message and organise a free trial session.

Our next club competition is Saturday 14th May kicking off at 3pm with mens presentations.  Feel free to come support us, it’s always a fun day

Stay True April Updates

  • Easter holidays free teens classes – Week 2 starts on Monday, thanks for the attendance so far. It’s great to be able to bring weights to an age group that get overlooked.  If you are interested there is still time. Just send us a message and book a spot. Bring a friend if you don’t want to come alone.


  • Congratulations to Telia on a silver medal at this weekend’s QLD masters championships. This was her second time and performed much better. It’s great to see progress and competing is a fun aspect of the sport.
    The sport of weightlifting has junior, adult and masters categories so everyone can participate. Why not join us and work towards your first meet.


  • We only have 4 weeks before a handful of our younger lifters compete at the state junior championships. We held a mini competition recently to gain confidence and increase our competitive lifts and I am excited to take them to Toowoomba.  The goal with competing is similar to a team sport, they train hard during the week for the Saturday afternoon match. A weightlifting meet is just the same.  Good luck and let’s better ourselves.


  • Welcome to a couple of new remote members. Since moving to Gympie we have always coached members who couldn’t regularly train at the gym. Welcome our two newest members Cathy from Maryborough and Bec who is currently living in South Korea.
    Remote membership consists of programs similar to our regular lifters but instead of on site coaching we perform everything via video analysis, skype and messages.
    Ideally we want you to train at least once a month in person and like any long distance work everyone needs to be 100% on board.  If you think this is something that you need, please email us.


  • Take the time to read through our new website, this club has a focus on weightlifting but we do offer certain other programs. Injured and needing to return to your sport/workplace? We can work with you and your physio to rehabilitate you.
    We offer returning to fitness programs where you can have the attention needed to gain confidence, skills and strength to step up into harder programs or step over to CrossFit classes.
    Finally we do offer demonstrations for your school or sports club. Want to run a workshop on lifting technique or how we can improve performance for your athletes, we can help.  Depending on size and time, we can travel to you or come train at our facilities.
    Anything sound up your alley? Send us an email.


  • Finally, 6 weeks until our next in house competition.  Saturday May 14th will be our second club competition for 2016 and we want you.  Want to join the club and lift? Plenty of time to get started. Want to volunteer your time? We are always chasing helping hands.  We want this one to be the biggest to date so mark it in your calendar and if you are entertaining the thought of wanting to lift (even if you are a CFG member) then wait no longer (free trials available weekdays).



Our club is only as strong as it’s volunteers and supports.

I’d like to thank all the partners, the parents and the children of our members for supporting their busy schedules, for driving them to training and for cheering at competitions. It’s not easy but we appreciate it.

A huge thank you to everyone who comes and volunteers their time to help run our competitions too.  For a comp to flow all jobs are equally important so thank you to all our referees, our time keepers, our loaders, our photographers and our canteen and bbq runners.  All of our competitions so far have been run so well and professionally and I don’t think we could have achieved this without the knowledge and experience of our cherished member, Deb Keelan.  Thank you Deb and thank you to all of the team who take time off work, who travel just to help and who fit in around their own lifting refereeing and loading jobs.

Jemma and I have big plans for our locally run comps this year so if you are interested in becoming a referee or want to help out in anyway please ask.  We will be running a referee course in April for our members and would love you attend.

Sweat the small stuff

Weightlifting’s major lifts (snatch and clean and jerk) look easy when watching the commonwealth games highlights but there is a lot more to it.
The lifts take thousands of repetitions to make sense and years of practice to become a master of them.

This is why it’s so important to spend time on the drills and warm up sets. Patience is key and when things start clicking it was all worth it.

Come give weightlifting a go, we don’t expect you to know a thing and will slowly and safely progress you through the program.
Book in and give the sport a try.

Good Friday mini comp

Some of our newer lifters will be lifting at a mini competition on Friday morning at our gym.
This is a low key event but anyone wanting to support is more than welcome.
Confidence on the platform is very important so throughout the year we will be running these style comps to expose members to the stresses involved.