A challenging sport that can take you places.

Are you aspiring to compete at weightlifting? Wanting to improve your performance in your own sport?

The sport of weightlifting is inclusive of all ages and body weights.  From Youth to senior (adults) through to masters (35 years to 80+), the sport is fun, challenging and can have you representing your club, your state or even your country.

  • Work exclusively with high level weightlifting and strength qualified coaches.
  • Individually designed programs to progress your journey into the sport of Weightlifting.
  • Keep you motivated by training along side all ages, beginner to experienced lifters.
  • Give your training a purpose.  Focus on reachable goals and remove your weaknesses. 
  • Get real measurable results that focus on strength, power and mobility.
  • Develop mental toughness, gain positive body image and self confidence.
Casual weightlifter Part time weightlifter Full time weightlifter
– 1 coached session a week

– 2 hours of training a week

– technique based program

– no commitment required

– access to club competition

*** $15 a week ***

– 2 coached sessions a week

– 4 hours of training a week

– technique/strength based program

– CrossFit crossover options

– access to club and state competitions

*** $28 a week ***

– unlimited coached sessions a week

– 8 + hours of training a week

– technique/strength/performance

– comprehensive dedicated coaching

– focus on club, state and nationals

*** $45 a week ***

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